• Cancer Clinic in Tuticorin

    Breast Cancer

    A multidisciplinary cancer care is provided for breast cancer patients. Services provided include diagnosis, treatment planning, surgery and breast reconstruction and follow up of breast cancer patients.

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  • Cancer Treatment in Tuticorin

    Thyroid Cancer

    Thyroid Cancer is nowadays becoming common. Common thyroid cancers like papillary and follicular variant have extremely high cure rate. In fact thyroid cancer is one of the curable cancers of the human body when diagnosed in early stage.

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  • Cancer Specialists in Tuticorin

    Cancer Screening

    Screening tests are very useful in early diagnosis of cancer breast and cancer cervix. Mammogram is used as a screening test for breast cancer. Pap smear is useful in the screening of cancer cervix. Screening reduces mortality.

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  • Cancer Surgeon in Tuticorin

    Stomach Cancer

    Cancer of the stomach is very common. Most of the time it was diagnosed in late stage. Early diagnosis is important in achieving good prognosis.

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  • best cancer hospital in tuticorin

    Cancers of Female Genital System

    Cancer affects the uterine cervix, endometriun and ovary. Multidisciplinary cancer care is very imporatant. Treatment options available are Surgery, Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy.

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Sri Annamalai Cancer Clinic

Sri Annamalai Cancer Clinic is a dedicated cancer clinic in Thoothukudi. Our aim is to provide best care to cancer patients. In our clinic, consultation is available as outpatient. Dr.D.Amudhan is one of the senior surgical oncologists of South TamilNadu. His aim is to provide world class surgical care at affordable cost. The aim of Sri Annamalai Cancer Clinic is to provide comprehensive cancer care by a team of Surgical Oncologist, Medical Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist. We aim to diagnose cancer early and provide the necessary treatment with utmost dedication to bring back the lost smile on the face of cancer patients and their families. Our clinic helps to minimise the suffering of advanced and terminally ill patients and helps to improve their quality of life. Sri Annamalai Cancer Clinic is giving dedicated cancer care at Thoothukudi.


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